Most Secure and power-efficient

Why NIST5?

ViptoCoin chose to use NIST5 as its hashing algorithm because it has been proven to be more secure and power-efficient than other leading algorithms. NIST5 is a combination of the finalists and winner of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology Hash Function Competition (specifically BLAKE, GrĆøstl, JH, Keccak/SHA-3, and Skein). NIST5 was created fairly recently, and immediately saw use by other coins, but failed to see mainstream adoption.

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ViptoCoin. Mobile App šŸ‘Œ

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ViptoCoin mobile apps lets you safely store, trade, buy or sell coins. Currently the mobile apps are under development.

  • Secure transfers
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Safe & Anonymous

Security is another very important point on which today's world stands. By using ViptoCoin you can make secure payments be done, which gives confidence to the community.

  • Fast, Today
  • Decentralized, Distributed
  • Efficiency

ViptoCoin (VCC)

Serenity token will be used as a right to perform work on behalf of Serenity community network and acquire share in Serenity revenues generated.

ViptoCoin (VCC)

Token Name

786 Million

Maximum Supply

186 Million


60 Seconds

Block Time

10 MB

Block Size



Every Block


Road Map

Any successfull project needs a plan of action. ViptoCoin had that vision and mission.

Blockchain Node software development

Creation of the first Masternodes

Creation of
Wallets for PCs

Creation of
Web Wallet


Release of
Source Code

Release of Blockchain Explorer

Pre-mining 23%
of ViptoCoin

Tap to Exhange
and Trade

Release of Mobile Apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions and answers on ViptoCoin and its wallets

ViptoCoin is a cryptocurrency that exists on its own distributed and decentralized ledger also known as a Blockchain using the highly-secure and power-efficient NIST5 algorithm. Combining limited Proof-of-Work, ViptoCoin is unique in its distribution.

Nobody owns the ViptoCoin network. It is controlled by all the ViptoCoin users around the world.

Although the ViptoCoin project is funded and currently maintained by Vexeda - We are open for colloboration with Investors, Developers, Designers and any person that could contribute to the ViptoCoin project.

Sometimes when you cannot get connected you can perform a series of fixes to get connected to the blockchain.

By going to the Tools>Wallet Repair and choosing a function from there. Also, sometimes you may need to reset your router and then re-open the wallet.

When you lose your wallet, those coins in that wallet will be put out of circulation. Even though they are lost, It remains in the block chain.

Because of the law of supply and demand, when fewer ViptoCoins are available, the ones that are available will be in higher demand and increases in value to compensate.

If someone you know is getting way too quickly the block rewards, it must due a corrupted block in that wallet (locally) or that wallet is not actually synced with the block chain, thus appearing to be making rewards.

These mined coins cannot be spent and its adviced to quickly fix the wallet by going to the wallets Tools> Wallet Repair and click on the "Delete local Blockchain Folders".

ViptoCoin uses the NIST5 hash, which is chosen as the winning algorithm by the US Nation of Science competition. Combination of security and mining efficiency were the key points taken into account. NIST5 has been shown to be more power efficient and secure than other prominent algorithms.

We are welcoming all to become a part of this project. The more members we get, we can provide a much richer and faster product to the community.

We are the ViptoCommunity!

You can write to us at any of the following emails.

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ViptoCoin Community

ViptoCoin is driven by the community - Freedom of Power!

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